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Benefits of using RapidCompact

With fully automated acquisition-systems the creation of 3D Content is easier than ever before. However it needs immense amounts of manual work to get complex 3D data ready for real-time visualization in the web and interactive applications. With RapidCompact this process can be fully automated and parallelized!

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Optimized digital twins for all platforms

Through our intelligent Digital Expert System it is possible to simply specify a target filesize in MB (CLI or Desktop UI) or even a target platform (RapidCompact Cloud) and the software finds out the perfect balance for mesh and texture resolution in relation to the given budget.

Megabyte TargetDesktop UI

Simplify massive amounts of heavy datasets

RapidCompact is able to simplify 3D datasets consisting of several hundred millions of polygons efficiently and without loosing details in shape and visual surface quality. Using texture baking features in addition to highly efficient compression algorithms makes a high detailed 3d scan easily ready for web visualization in no time!

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Realtime 3D Embeds - Scans ready for the web with RapidCompact.Cloud

RapidCompact is not only capable of optimizing heavy 3D content, it also makes your models web-ready. And with RapidCompact.Cloud the whole optimization process is packaged as a turn-key solution featuring 3D embeding with our white label viewer solution!